Cream Cakes

“Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake or cupcakes”.

Dive into the medley of our fresh cream cakes & cupcakes, enjoy the fascinating delicacy that satisfies your sweet soul.

We offer you a huge variety of delectable cakes and cupcakes to make your celebrations special.

Customised options can be made available on request.


Dino Pull-up cake

When your kids love dinosaurs but you want something with a wow - then you have to get this Dino Pull-Up cake. Our pull-up cakes ooze out liquid chocolate which kids shall love.

Motichur Laddu Cake

When you love Motichur Laddu, then you would love this cake. Traditional Indian sweet combined with creamy cake. This one is for all the elders & seniors celebrations.

Toy Car Cake

When the little boys love playing with cars, imagine their smile when you give them their favorite toy car in a cake form. For their smile - order this cake now!